• TotalGrip Core Chuck with Automatic Expulsion

    TotalGrip Core Chuck with Automatic Expulsion

    It allows the expulsion of the core once the roll stand is open. It eliminates the time spent changing rolls and prevents damages to the Core Chucks upon extracting the cores.

  • Pneumatic Core Chucks

    Pneumatic Core Chucks

    The internal cylinder allows a uniform expansion of the lugs, assuring the perfect gripping of the rolls. There is a wide range of adapters available.

  • TotalGrip Core Chuck

    TotalGrip Core Chuck

    The bigger contact surface of gripping allows the perfect centering and helps to eliminate core damages. Can be tailor made to your particular requirements, from 3" to 16".

  • Standard Core Chuck

    Standard Core Chuck

    Can be tailor-made to your particular requirements, from 2.5" to 16". Alternatively, our core chucks can be manufactured for installation on roll stands with photocells or other reading systems.

  • Double and Triple Core Chuck

    Double and Triple Core Chuck

    Allows the use of 2 or 3 different core sizes. Between the most common dimensions we have Double Core Chucks of 3"/4" and 3"/6", although the possibilities are numerous.

  • Torque Core Chuck

    Torque Core Chuck

    Activated with the torque of the roll, it can work clockwise and unclockwise. The core is not damage thanks to the big contact surface of the lugs, so rolls can be reuse many times.

  • Supergrip core chuck

    Supergrip core chuck

    Core Chuck designed for exceptional grip in all situations, with maximum braking torque and dealing with any brusque changes of unwinding speed.

  • Special Core Chucks

    Special Core Chucks

    Our experience manufacturing machinery and pneumatic or mechanical core chucks allows us to manufacture tailor made core chucks.

  • Pneumatic shaft

    Pneumatic shaft

    The body can be made of steel at any diameter or with extruded aluminium, for unified diameters cores (2", 3", 4", 6" y 8"), but upon request, any different or special diameter can be produced.

  • Pneumatic Adaptor

    Pneumatic Adaptor

    The system is use for winding and unwinding of coils having different core from the one foreseen by the machine.

  • Safety chuck

    Safety chuck

    Are use to hold the shafts during winding or unwinding operations. The shaft is fixed by means of the journal to the safety chuck, and with a security system the shaft is blocked.

  • Web Aligner

    Web Aligner

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