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Can I work with Mecoval Core Chucks?

Yes, Mecoval core chucks can be modified in order to fulfil with all our customers requirements.

This is just an example of what we can offer to you:                                                                                                                                                                                  



Totalgrip core chuckTotalgrip core chuck long noseSpecial core chuck

Which type of chuck should I choose?


  • If you are looking for the best price/quality chuck on the market and you use the reels 2/3 times, we recommend the Standard chuck. Why?


    • It’s strong.
    • It’s the cheapest type.
    • This type is the one that we sell to BHS, Latitude, TCY and many other companies.



  • If you are looking for a chuck that allows to reuse the reels 5/6 times, we recommend the TotalGrip Chuck. Why?
    • The big contact surface of the lugs allows the reuse of reels as many times as the customer needs.
    • Very low maintenance required. There are no internal parts that can collapse due to dust.
    • Griping force from the beginning of the work.



  • If you are looking for a chuck that allows to reuse the reels 5/6 times and you want to save time during the change of the reels, we recommend the TotalGrip Automatic Expulsion Chuck. Why?
    • It’s the most complete chuck in our catalogue. It has the same characteristics as the TotalGrip chuck, but with the added benefit of the automatic expulsion of the reels once the job is finished.



  • Regarding with the Torque Chuck, we only sell this chuck to those companies who only want to hear about this type of chuck. We do not recommend this type of chuck, because we consider that the problems that it can have during the work are higher compare with the other types.
    • The lugs are activated with the spin of the reels, if the chuck has dust it can collapse the lugs, which means that the core won’t be gripped properly and the core can spin inside of the chuck. The maintenance on this type of chuck are significantly higher that with the other models.
    • If the gripping of the lugs is not the correct one, there will appear variations on the tension at the papers.
    • The price is higher compare with the other models.

How can I ask a quotation?

If you want a quotation please fulfil this FORM, then please send it to:

Why we recommend TotalGrip Core Chuck Vs Torque Core Chuck

Torque Chuck

Torque core chucks feature complicated designs prone to excessive wear and dust accumulation.

Torque core chucks are torque-activated – the lugs engage the core only when force is exerted to rotate the assembly.

Torque-activated chucks are high maintenance, and if in less than optimal condition, may not provide a firm grip. Dust trapped in the internal components often causes the lugs to engage incompletely or fail outright.

A slippery grip causes the core to spin around the chucks, resulting in tension variation across the web.

Complex designs and lots of small, failure-prone components make conventional torque-activated chucks more expensive with higher maintenance costs.

TotalGrip Core Chuck

Simple, Serco-inspired design with minimal internal parts make TotalGrip Core Chucks more durable and less susceptible to the damaging effects of dust and the wear and tear of heavy use.

The lugs in Mecoval Core Chucks activate with the closing of the roll-stand. When the cone is pressed towards the chuck base (as in closing the roll-stand) the simplified internal mechanism forces the lugs out, ensuring a firm, consistent grip throughout the production run.


The reliability and durability of simple design makes Mecoval Core Chucks the most cost-effective on the market. Mecoval backs up its chucks with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

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