Web Aligner

Web Aligner


Reference ACS/002/EM

Due to different factors during the corrugated process, lateral displacements cause unequal gluing of the papers, as well as a great loss when the lateral are cut. All this problems are solved with the installation of our Web Aligner.

It's a fully automatic web guiding system on the bridge of the corrugator, it can be installed just before the Bridge Brake and the Pre-Heater or before the Slitter Scorer in the Dry-End (this Aligner is used among other things for Pre-Print application). It works fully automatic, and manual mechanisms for centering the web aren't necessary.

Key advantages of the Web Aligner.

1. The alignment of the papers gives more precision to the gluing
2. Reduction of waste caused by tear outs and web misalignments.
3. Reduction of stops for breaking.
4. Time saving thanks to the automatic adjusting of the width. During this adjusting the splice speed doesn't have to be changed.
5. Relief of the machine personnel due to self adjusting and operating guiding systems.

The guiding process takes place by the automatic movement of the tracking wheel shaft according to the necessary guiding effect. It's pre-calibrated as automatic centerline guiding. This measuring, comparing and guiding loop is constantly in operation.

The detection of the lateral position of the single face web is done by means of two lasers on each side.

The ACS/002/EM, has bigger contact surface thanks to the separation between the No-Crush wheels. This fact increments the precision and speed when the board deviations have to be rectified.    

A housing structure has been designed to allocate the lasers.

For the calibration and trouble shooting purpose, the switch cabinets are equipped with a modem to enable our technicians to check the system status.

Special Features:

  •  Contactless detection of the single face webs.
  • Gentle guiding thanks to the 4x50mm and 5x100mm wheel tracking shaft.
  • High web guiding accuracy.
  • No manual adjustment is necessary with web width changes, therefore it allows the continuous guiding process.



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